Archive of my non-column computer articles

Through the years, I've written articles about computers for a variety of outfits in addition to the regular columns. Starting to gather those here, although few will be of contemporary interest. Some have run in ComputorEdge magazine under the Beyond Personal Computing heading; others ran on SignOn San Diego, in the now-defunct ComputerLink supplement to the San Diego Union-Tribune, or in the North County Times.

The archive

(September 20, 2002)
(August 23, 2002)
(August 16, 2002)
(August 9, 2002)
(August 2, 2002)
(July 26, 2002)
(April 26, 2002)
(April 19, 2002)
(April 12, 2002)
(January 11, 2002)
(July 16, 1993)

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